ACSS 3.0: A New Reactive, Visual Experience

Automatic.css has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to bring stunning enhancements to the page building workflow.

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[June 29, 2024] — Digital Gravy is thrilled to announce the launch of Automatic.css version 3.0, the latest and most advanced iteration of the highly acclaimed CSS framework and workflow tool.

Automatic.css v3.0 brings a brand new UI and dashboard experience as well as a host of new features, enhancements, and optimizations that empower developers to create stunning, responsive websites with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Automatic.css has long been a favorite among WordPress developers for its efficiency, flexibility, and forward-thinking capabilities. With version 3.0, the framework takes a significant leap forward to meet the evolving needs of modern web development.

Key Features of Automatic.css v3.0

  • Reactive Dashboard: A new dynamic dashboard that provides real-time updates and insights, making it easier to manage and customize your web projects.
  • Instant Live Preview: Experience instant live previews of your changes, allowing you to see the impact of your modifications in real-time without any delays.
  • Hot Reload: Enjoy seamless development with hot reload capabilities that update your changes instantly without needing a full page refresh.
  • Live Search: Quickly find the components, classes, and documentation you need with the new live search functionality, streamlining your workflow.
  • Refactored Color System: An improved color system that offers more flexibility and customization, making it easier to maintain consistency across your projects.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Boost your productivity with newly introduced keyboard shortcuts, enabling faster navigation and command execution.
  • Global CSS and SCSS Support: Enhanced support for global CSS and SCSS, ensuring better integration and more control over your styling.
  • Recipes: Access a collection of pre-built code snippets and templates (recipes) designed to help you implement common features quickly and efficiently.
  • More Button Options: Expanded button styles and options, giving you more versatility in design and functionality.
  • Global Border System: A new global border system that simplifies the management of border styles across your entire project.
  • Global Divider System: Easily create and manage dividers with the new global divider system, ensuring a consistent look and feel.
  • Global Transition System: Improved transitions with a global transition system that provides smoother and more cohesive animations.
  • Gutenberg Enhancements: Enhanced compatibility and features for Gutenberg, the WordPress block editor, making it easier to design and manage content.
  • ACSS 101: A brand new FREE course for learning all the features and official workflows of Automatic.css.

For a detailed list of changes and improvements, please visit the changelog.

About Automatic.css

Automatic.css (ACSS) is consistently voted the best framework for WordPress because it combines innovative features, True Builder Integration™, best practices, unparalleled support, and education.


Planning for v3.0 began in the Summer of 2023. Official development began in December of 2023 and v3.0-alpha was released in March 2024.

Automatic.css version 3.0 is now available for download. Developers can access the latest version and explore the new features and improvements by visiting Automatic.css.

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