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We Design Websites That Actually Grow Your Business

Looking for a web design agency that fully understands online marketing, lead-gen, sales, metrics, and how to design websites that convert? That’s exactly what you get with Digital Gravy.

More Brand Awareness

Get your business front and center in your market and become the “go-to” name in your industry.

More Qualified Leads

Fill your inbox or CRM with leads who want what you sell and are willing and able to buy.

More Customers, Less Selling

Your website will pre-sell your prospects so they’re ready to buy before you ever speak with them.

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Not Happy With the Amount of Leads & Sales You’re Getting Through Your Website? We’d Be Honored to Help You!

Here’s a dirty little secret…

Most web design agencies are run by well-meaning people who are capable of building pretty websites … and that’s it.

Why is that a problem? Because building a pretty website is only 10% of the task – it’s like building a great looking car with no engine and no steering wheel.

If you wouldn’t buy a car that doesn’t get you from Point-A to Point-B, then don’t settle for a website that doesn’t bring you a steady stream of leads and sales.
At Digital Gravy, our definition of “web design” includes ALL of the key elements that help you actually achieve your business goals and that goes WAY beyond how your website looks.

It’s what your website says, how it works, and what it asks visitors to do. It’s how your website is positioned to pull people in, convince them that you’re their best option, and get them to pull the trigger today instead of “maybe later.”

When you hire us for web design, you’re really hiring us to build you a complete digital marketing asset that propels you to the top of your market. If that’s what you’re looking for, let’s chat.


There’s a Lot That Goes Into Doing Web Design the Right Way

(if you want your website to generate calls, leads, sales, and rankings)

Market Research

We start every new website project with keyword research, competitor research, and general market research so we can make sure the site we build for you is exactly what your ideal customers are wanting and searching for.

Search-Optimized Sitemapping

A sitemap outlines your website’s core page structure and navigation. It’s how we get crystal clear on exactly what pages we’re building and which keywords we’re going to target for each specific page.

UX Wireframing

We use a wireframe to design your website’s layout and user experience (UX) without wasting money on design iteration. Once the wireframe is approved, it goes to the design team to be professionally designed.

A Dedicated Design Team

Web developers typically aren’t great designers and vice versa. For this reason, all of our website projects are professionally designed by a dedicated design team.

Content Strategy

As the design team works to create an amazing design for your website, we start to develop your content strategy – what your website needs to say in order to convince and convert visitors.

Conversion Strategy

In order for a website to convert, the copy (what it says), design (how it looks), and calls to action (what you’re asking people to do) must perfectly align. We make sure all three elements are coming together correctly.

Rapid, Live Development

With all the prep work done (SEO, design, content, calls to action), we’re able to develop (build) your website extremely fast. We develop all websites on a live development server so you can monitor progress 24/7.

Iteration & Launch

Before your new website goes live you have a chance to review and create a punch list for small iterations. We make the necessary changes, do a final round of testing, and then take your site live.

Targeted Traffic Generation

Once your website is live we implement a custom digital marketing campaign (if desired) to drive targeted traffic primarily through online advertising (Facebook, Google PPC), social media, and email marketing.

Analytics & Tracking

We track all visitors to your website and analyze their behavior so we can make expert recommendations to optimize conversions. A detailed report gets delivered to each client every month so you always know how your website is performing.

Phase-Oriented Additions (POA)

With large website projects, we build in phases to keep the work manageable and affordable. We can also do this for smaller websites to drive results and ROI which can then fund remaining portions of the website.

Dedicated Site Management

Once your site is “done” (a great website is never really done), we’re going to stick around to make sure it continues to run well, stay up to date, convert as well as it can, and comply with all the changing coding standards.

About Us

We’re Ready to Serve You

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Most of the businesses we work with are looking for a web design agency who can truly drive a website project from start to finish, generate a healthy return, and continue to serve as a digital marketing asset for their company for years to come.

That’s the role we fill for our clients. We’re a team of expert web designers, developers, and marketers who are passionate about helping businesses grow and who treat each and every company as if its our own.

With over 20 years in business, marketing, and web design, we bring a tremendous level of confidence, experience, and expertise to the table. Not just to your website project, but to your entire company.


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