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We're a top-ranked Alpharetta web design company that specializes in building websites that rank #1 on Google and turn traffic into leads and sales.

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Here's Our Shameless Sales Pitch for Why We Think We're the Best Web Design Company in Alpharetta

To put it simply, we're the best web design company in Alpharetta because we know website design is wayyy more than "website design."

While other web designers & freelancers focus on building "pretty" websites, we focus on building powerful online marketing engines for small businesses.

If you want people to describe your website as "fancy," "unique," or "imaginative," then you probably shouldn't hire us. Our goal is NOT to win web design innovation awards. 

Our primary goal is simple: skyrocket your company's brand awareness, traffic, leads, and sales.

Want to know how that's done? It's done with clean, simple, useful, and authoritative websites that rank #1 on Google.

If you want to make us smile from ear to ear, tell us you want your website to add six or seven figures to your business on its own.

Tell us you want to dominate your local market online.

Tell us you want to be #1 on Google and that you'll settle for nothing less.

Whatever you do, do NOT say, "We just want a basic brochure website that looks great."


We don't even take those projects anymore. If you think the opportunities of the online space are realized with a basic brochure website, you're better off hiring a cheap freelancer to fill out a Wix template for you.

Digital Gravy is the web design company you hire when you're serious about dominating your industry online. We adore clients who understand the value of growth-focused web design and local SEO.

If that's you, click the button.

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Two Decades in Web Design

You'll be hard pressed to find another website design agency in Alpharetta as experienced as us.
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16+ Years in SEO & Local SEO

Want to dominate the Alpharetta market (& surrounding areas) on Google? We've got you covered.
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Wordpress Web Development

Wordpress is the best platform for small businesses & we know it like the back of our hand.
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100% Custom Web Design

We're not a template-editing agency. We design & build every website from scratch.

our process

Our Website Design Process Ensures Every Project is Successful & Delivered On Time

seo keyword research
step 01

Local SEO Research

Designing and developing a website that ranks in Alpharetta and beyond requires keyword research, competitor research, and market research. This is always the first step to creating a website that actually meets business goals and objectives.
step 02

True SEO Optimization

We take all our SEO research and turn it into a visual sitemap. This becomes the plan for exactly what pages the site will contain, what keywords those pages will target, and how we'll organize those pages to create the best possible user experience & highest possible rankings.
Website SEO Sitemap
Website UX Design
step 03

UX Design

You can think of a wireframe as the blueprint for a website. We use wireframes to plan the basic layout, visitor flow, content outline, user experience, and conversion points. We do this with wireframes because it's much faster than doing this work during the actual design process.
step 04

Professional, Custom Website Design

Our professional design team takes the wireframes and turns them into a high-fidelity website design that matches your brand aesthetic. This is the step where the actual look and feel of your new web design really comes alive.
Alpharetta web design example
Website Copywriting
step 05

Website Copywriting & Content

How your website speaks to visitors determines whether or not you'll convert traffic to leads and sales and whether or not you'll rank well on Google. While our design team is busy making your site look pretty, our copywriting team will go into the wireframe & fill out each section with enticing copy.
step 06

LIVE Responsive Wordpress Development

One of the unique things about hiring us as your web design & development company is that we do all the Wordpress development on a live, private development server that we give you access to. This allows you to monitor the progress of your project 24/7 during the development phase. 
Wordpress Developers
GTMetrix Website Speed & Performance Test Results
step 07

Website Speed & Mobile Optimization

We run your new website through rigorous infrastructure, speed, SEO, mobile usability, and code quality tests prior to launch to ensure that your business provides the best possible user experience to visitors.
step 08

Ranking & Traffic Generation

Once your new website is live, we kick our local SEO campaign into high gear to try and get you ranking #1 in Alpharetta and elsewhere as quickly as possible. We can also provide expert online marketing consulting to help you drive more traffic, leads, and sales.
Google Analytics Website Traffic Report
Users decide in 10 seconds or less whether they trust your company, based on the design of your website.

websites that scale

Serious Businesses Need Serious Websites

web design trophy
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Fully Mobile Responsive Web Design

Every website we design & develop is built to adapt to various screen sizes and browsers to provide the best possible user experience.
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Developed on the WordPress Platform

We specialize in WordPress websites – the web development standard powering over 1/4 of the internet.
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100% Custom Web Design - No Templates!

All designs are 100% unique and designed to perfectly match the needs and goals of your business.
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On-Page SEO & Schema Markup

Google loves the sites we build because they're fast, well-coded, well-optimized, and follow the latest SEO standards.
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Blazing-Fast Loading Times

We take great care to optimize your website for speed. It's one of our top priorities because speed affects both rankings and conversions. 
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No Limitations!

Unlike business websites built on Wix or Squarespace, our websites can incorporate any feature set you'll ever need. You'll never hear, "Sorry, that's not possible" when you work with us.
48% of people mentioned a website’s design is the most important factor in deciding the credibility of a business.

meeting spots

Our Favorite Meeting Spots in Alpharetta, GA

When you work with a web design agency that's local to your business, it's a huge advantage. We love working with Alpharetta businesses because it's a perfect fit for our high-touch, high-accountability service.

Roam Alpharetta

5815 Windward Pkwy Suite 302, Alpharetta, GA 30005
Just off Exit 11 of GA 400 at the intersection of Northpoint Parkway and Windward Parkway, Roam Alpharetta is located in the Windward Crossing Shopping Center.

Starbucks Alpharetta Crossing

11770 Haynes Bridge Road Suite 101 Alpharetta, GA 30009
This is our primary Alpharetta spot for casual web design meetings, just minutes from 400 on Old Milton Pkwy.

Thrive Alpharetta

44 Milton Ave, Alpharetta, GA 30009
Private Thrive meetings spaces are just minutes from the intersection of Old Milton Pkwy and S. Main Street, very close to Alpharetta City Hall.
Whether we're meeting casually or scheduling a closed-door meeting for private strategy sessions, we have a network of great meeting spots in and around Alpharetta. We can also meet remotely via Zoom or Google Meet, or if you have a different location you prefer to meet at, we're flexible!

alpharetta web design examples

Our Latest 3 Web Design & SEO Projects For Companies Doing Business in Alpharetta, GA

Apharetta website design reviews

Latest Reviews From Alpharetta Web Design Clients

Star Rating
Above & Beyond to Execute Our Vision!

I hired Digital Gravy for a website re-design and Kevin and his team did an amazing job! We needed a site that could showcase our 50+ video portfolio, sorted and organized by tags, and Digital Gravy went above and beyond to execute our vision. Highly recommended!

Antony Bui
Owner • Launchlight Films
Star Rating
They Over-Perform in Every Area!

Digital Gravy is not the first marketing or web design company we've worked with but they are the first to over-perform in every area. Our new website is gorgeous and more importantly generating more leads for us. Our preferred keyword rankings have increased in across the board. My company is extremely happy with Digital Gravy.

Phillipe Gentry
Owner • SBG Atlanta
Star Rating
The Leads Are Already Coming In

I hired Digital Gravy to build the website for our brand new fence company. The whole process was seamless. They built a clean, simple website for us that just works. Immediately after we launched the site we set up some PPC ads and we're already booking jobs. Very happy with the results!

Casey Young
Owner • Peachtree Fence


Answers to Your Website Design & SEO Questions

What is web design?

Web design (art) is the process of creating a great looking website. Web design (science) is the process of creating a website that's easy to navigate, has a logical flow, and drives visitors to take a specific action. Not all web design companies can do both, so be careful when making your pick.

What is responsive website design?

Responsive website design is the process of creating a website that looks great and operates perfectly regardless of the device or browser a visitor is using. Mobile responsiveness is a key Google ranking factor, so it's critical that the web design company you choose is well-versed in responsive web design.

Will I be able to edit my website myself?

We can design websites with various levels of user customization. Most clients want us to handle the management of their website once it's launched because they know the value of letting web designers and web developers (the experts) handle everything, but if you want control over various levels of editing that's certainly something we can provide.

Do you optimize my website for SEO?

We optimize all websites for SEO, but ranking #1 in your market for valuable keywords requires a lot more than basic optimization. Learn more about SEO here.

Can you get my website to rank #1 in Alpharetta?

Yes. While we can't ever guarantee rankings, we have a strong 16+ year track record of getting websites to rank #1. If Alpharetta is your core market, we'll start there and then expand your rankings into other key markets of your choosing.

How much does website design & development cost in the Alpharetta area?

Every web design project is priced according to the business' specific needs and objectives. We've done small starter sites for $3500 for small local businesses and we've done sites all the way up to $125,000. Our pricing commitment is this: we'll create a proposal that perfectly matches your company's objectives; we won't recommend things you don't need; we'll make adjustments to our proposal until you're completely comfortable with your investment; and we'll give you a fully itemized list of deliverables with a clear timeline.

Why should I invest in custom web design?

Imagine being the #1 go-to business in your market in Alpharetta. Now imagine ranking #1 in every key market area you serve. Now imagine that all that traffic arrives on your website and actually converts to a lead or a sale because the website does its job perfectly. The ROI is tremendous. You're not just investing in custom web design when you hire us, you're investing in a completely online growth engine for your business.

Do you just customize a website theme for me?

We never use themes or templates. We design & develop everything from scratch to best meet your business' goals and objectives.

What's web design vs web development?

Web design governs the look and feel of a website as well as the user experience. Web development is the actual coding and technical construction of the website according to the design. Most web design companies do both, but you should make sure that your website is being designed by actual web designers and built by actual web developers (they're not one in the same), else you'll end up with a final product that has a lot of issues.

How long does it take for you to design a website?

Every web design project is different, but we can typically design, develop, and launch most small business websites in 8 weeks or less. Even with larger projects, we're able to launch a website in phases to make sure your business doesn't have to wait too long to start getting a return on investment. Smaller websites can be designed and launched even faster.

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