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Keller Williams Community Partners Website

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Project Overview

The Challenge

Keller Williams Community Partners was using the generic Keller Williams website template and approached us to build them a custom online website to give them far more control over the look and feel, the user experience, and the lead generation potential.

Additionally, they wanted a tool to help them recruit new agents as much as they wanted a lead-generation tool for buyers and sellers. The generic KW template did not allow for what they needed, so they commissioned us to build something from the ground up.

The Strategy

It was easy to see the exact strategy Keller Williams Community Partners needed from the get go – a website that positioned KWCP as the go-to firm in the area for agent recruitment while also positioning them as a trusted resource for buyers and sellers.

The goal was to design a site that could clearly route each type of visitor to the area built for them while providing a more robust experience overall: a better looking and more professional representation for their team and agents, a far more integrated and robust MLS system for buyers, and a direct line to guidance for sellers.

See the process and the results!

The PRocess

Process & Results

The old Keller Williams Community Partners site was built using Keller Williams' internal tools and the result was fairly uninspiring...

kwcp home old

There was no benefit-driven headline, a generic photo, no real context as to what Keller Williams Community Partners is, and no call to action. So, we proposed a new home page hero section that's far more personal and speaks to KW's primary goal of agent recruitment while also positioning them as an obvious leader for buyers and sellers...

The Home Page, Nav, and Footer Makeover

kw home new 1

As you can also see, we positioned the logo to be front and center with a very clear and clean navigation surrounding it. Much better than the basically empty header bar on the old site.

next, we addressed the central section of the home page. The old website was basically empty. It had a way for buyers to search for a home and ... a random blog post...

kw cp home old 2

To help establish more authority, personality, and context, we added a short intro paragraph and a video...

kw home intro

To help route visitors (which is what a home page is great for), we designed a section that gives the visitor options...

kw home choices

Lastly, we embedded some testimonials for social proof and then closed out with an extremely bold footer call to action and footer links section...

kw footer

Custom Link Trigger Lead Capture Modal Forms

To make sure the site converts well, we created custom click-trigger lead capture modals for specific areas. For example, the "inquire about joining" to become an agent triggers this modal:

kw recruitment modal

And the hire an agent modal looks like this:

kw hire agent modal

We love using lead capture modals because they convert really really well and they allow us to do a lot of cool stuff with segmentation and personalization.

Next, we addressed the uninspired "our leadership" page from the old site...

Leadership Page Before/After

The leadership page needed a massive makeover...

kw cp old team

We replaced that with a letter from the CEO followed by a dynamic grid for their leadership team which links to a dedicated bio page for each individual leader. This template also serves as the bio page for their entire agent pool of over 200 agents.

kw about

We went above and beyond to build a custom back-end template form that allows anyone on the KWCP team to add/edit/remove people from the leadership page and add/edit/remove agents from the agent page without ever touching the front end of the website and without ever touching a single line of code. They love they flexibility and independence it gives them for dialing in exactly who is represented on the site and how.

Custom MLS Integration

Next, we tackled the MLS page with a custom MLS integration far more robust than even what Keller Williams offers their agents.

It features a main map and filter search with listings:

kw mls main 1

And a property detail page complete with multiple forms of lead capture:

kwcp mls

This is all 100% custom integrated into the new WordPress website, which is very unique. Most WordPress real estate websites use frames, subdomains, or 3rd party off-page services to try and integrate MLS. The system we implement is seamlessly integrated and is a far better user experience for visitors. It even lets people create an account and invite friends and family to help them in their property search.

Events, Coaching, and a Blog

The new KWCP website also allows the KWCP team to promote their upcoming community events, sign up agents for coaching, and features a custom blog they'll be using to produce content for marketing and search engine optimization.

kwcp events


KWCP are ecstatic with their new website and they're excited for upcoming phases of our work together. Next steps include: guidance and strategy for content marketing, more robust page content for SEO, and Google PPC and Facebook Ads campaigns.