An event ticketing company gets a slick refresh of their branding and web presence.

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EventSprout Project Details

Work with us

EventSprout is one of the top players in niche areas of the online ticketing space. Most notably, they were the ticketing platform for the former Spartan Race, once the world’s largest obstacle racing company.

When EventSprout hired us, they didn’t want a complete re-imagination of their brand and online presence. Rather, they wanted a “refresh.”

That refresh started with the EventSprout logo and then moved into web design, with a heavy focus on lengthening their pages and adding a ton of new persuasive and explanatory copy.


We went through a lot of concepts with the instruction to not change the actual wordmark, but to solely focus on the icon.

A lot of the concepts involved the use of an “e,” but eventually we settled on a ticket and “sprout” concept. One tweak we made to the leaf was to create a leaf concept that also somewhat mimicked a flame for more liveliness.

The final:

EventSprout final logo design
EventSprout final logo design

Web UX Design

We did a full series of wireframes for the main pages of the website. This is critical on all web projects because it really helps us figure out the layout, narrative, content flow, and conversion points prior to spending any real time on design and development.

EventSprout UX web design
EventSprout UX web design wireframes

As you can see, some of the pages are quite long and involve a lot of explanatory content and sales copy. Contrary to popular belief, longer pages tend to work much better than short pages for service-based and SaaS companies.

The Live Streaming page and the Pricing pages in particular took a lot of thought because they have multiple pricing and live streaming packages depending on various factors.

Final Web Design

The Home page acts as the primary sales page for the software:

EventSprout Home Page Web Design
EventSprout Home Page Web Design

We put together a sectioned Features page to highlight the core areas of the software and why those areas are so important, with a heavy focus on benefits to the user:

EventSprout Features Page Web Design
EventSprout Features Page Web Design

The live streaming page is fairly unique in that the entire page can be toggled from one tab to another, depending on the type of live streaming the prospect wants to do (Zoom or Native):

EventSprout Live Streaming Page Web Design
EventSprout Live Streaming Page Web Design

We used a similar tab engagement for the Pricing page and also designed and built an interactive pricing calculator that shows the prospect exactly what the pricing and revenue breakdown will be if they sell tickets through the EventSprout platform:

EventSprout Pricing Page Web Design
EventSprout Pricing Page Web Design

Market-Specific Landing Pages

The last part of the project was the design and development of market-specific landing pages. EventSprout does a lot of outreach marketing, event marketing (go figure!), and other forms of offline marketing within three specific niches: air shows, race tracks, and festivals.

We designed a landing page template that allows us to quickly build out landing pages for specific market verticals. All of the content and images on these landing pages are specific to that particular market vertical so they can market more effectively to companies in that vertical.

Here’s an example of the Air Shows landing page:

EventSprout Air Show Landing Page Web Design
EventSprout Air Show Landing Page Web Design

This was a fairly quick project from start to finish and we’re proud of what we were able to accomplish for EventSprout. Feedback from users and prospects on the new digital presence has been extremely positive.