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How Will Your Facebook Ads Campaign Perform? Let’s Take a Look…

Most Facebook Ads lead-gen campaigns drive traffic to a landing page and then convert the visitor into a lead. From there you’ll convert the lead into a sale.

To see how your Facebook Ads lead-gen campaign will perform, you’ll need to know three things…

Cost Per Landing Page Visitor

Landing Page Conversion Rate

Sale Conversion Rate

Once we have this data we can work out the number of leads you’ll get, the number of sales you’ll get, and the revenue you’ll generate.

By playing with the budget you can see what you’ll need to spend in order to get the results you want. You can also experiment with adjusting the landing page conversion rate or sale conversion rate to see how focusing on these areas of the funnel will impact the results.

Remember that an ROI-positive campaign doesn’t really “cost” you anything. When you put $1 in and $3 comes out, that’s a true investment and a huge growth engine for your business.

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